Grant to Fund Biomedical Research on Campus

June 21, 2019

Northwest Nazarene University is one of eleven educational institutions that is included in the Idaho Institutional Development Award (IDeA) Network of Biomedical Research Excellence (INBRE). $17 million is being dispersed throughout the state of Idaho, with the goal of building the state’s growing biomedical workforce and strengthening its research infrastructure. The funds came from the National Institute of Health (NIH) IDeA Program from the National Institute of General Medicine.

NNU will be given $174,401 each year for five years, totaling $872,005. The money will be used to fund undergraduate students working on faculty-directed research projects that will last for up to 10 weeks in the summer.

NNU’s annual summer undergraduate research program currently consists of 35 students performing research in areas of biology, chemistry, computer science, field biology and engineering. These summer projects have been funded by grants from the USDA, the Boise National Forest and by the University’s own research endowments.

“The funding provided by the National Institutes of Health through the INBRE program has transformed faculty research with undergraduate students. Students will present their research results at regional and national conferences and many will be published in scientific journals,” said Professor of Chemistry, Dan Nogales.

With this new five year grant, NNU will have the funding to continue advanced research on projects such as: teaching computers to identify prostate cancer, testing the antibacterial properties of nanoparticles, identifying species with gene sequencing, and modeling urine biochemistry and physiology to better understand fertility, among others.

“These biomedical studies will make a significant impact in the scientific community and become life changing experiences for careers in science,” Nogales added.

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